Swedish Massage: Best Massage Technique to Relieve Back Pain

swedish massage

The Swedish massage has been around professionally since the later 19th century. Although it’s typically credited to Per Henrik Ling, the actual man responsible for the Swedish massage is Johan Georg Mezger. The reason it’s typically attributed to Ling is that his techniques were crafted first, and they were similar but not exactly the same … Read more

TENS Therapy for Back Pain Relief


TENS offers a range of benefits for people experiencing acute or chronic muscle pain. Below we will explore this recent technology aimed at relieving that pain. What is TENS? TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This concept of electrical stimulation to combat muscle pain has actually been around since the Romans of ancient times. … Read more

8 Types of Massages and Massage Techniques

types of massage

Massage therapy refers to the different techniques of rubbing, pressing, and manipulating the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and the skin. These massage procedures range from anywhere between light stroking and deep pressure. There are various forms of massages. The most popular include: 1. Shiatsu This technique has its roots in Japan and involves localizing pressure by … Read more

Best Back Brace for Lifting Weights and Heavy Objects

flexguard support back brace

If you lift weights as an exercise routine or you lift heavy objects for work, you have to protect your back. Protecting your back is very important to prevent horrible back injuries. One way to prevent back injuries is to wear a back brace. A back brace is a device that helps you limit the … Read more

Best Lumbar Support Devices to Relieve Lower Back Pain

vertebral column

Millions of people suffer from lower back pain. The main causes are driving a car for long commutes and sitting in an office chair without adequate lower back support for a long time. One solution to end lower back pain is to use a lumbar support device. You can attach one of these to your … Read more

How to Stop and Prevent Back Pain You Get From Driving Your Car

driving with back pain

Some of you may be getting horrible back, shoulder, or neck pain from driving. In fact, driving is a frequent contributor to back pain. Unfortunately, driving is unavoidable since so many people nowadays have to commute to work everyday. Most people drive their cars for an average of 15,000 miles a year. That means most … Read more

How Massage Chairs Prevent and Stop Back Pain

massage chair

Having a traceable history back to early human civilization, massage can help improve circulation, loosen muscles, improve sleep, and reduce the impacts of stress on the body. There are numerous benefits of massage chairs due to the fact that they’re easier and cheaper to access on a regular basis compared with traditional hands-on massage therapy. … Read more

Do Back Pain Exercises Relieve Pain?

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Nothing makes you want to stay in bed more than back pain. As tempting as that is, it could make the pain worse. There was a time when bed rest was the best treatment for chronic back pain, but new studies tell us that those who exercise can manage the pain much better than people … Read more

How Massage Therapy Can Heal Back Pain

massage therapy

Working long hours at the office or even sitting at home for long hours often leaves us with some back pain. To some people, having back pain may be a regular thing. There are many solutions you can choose from to relieve back pain. They may include medication, exercises, and other solutions from your doctor. … Read more

Shiatsu Massage for Back Pain Relief

woman getting a shiatsu massage

Are you going through a rough and painful period in your life? The pain you’re having to deal with may come from numerous sources. You may be dealing with the routine pain of pregnancy. You may be recovering from a sports or accident related injury. In any case, you need fast relief from your suffering. … Read more